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  • American Red Cross (Orderhouse.com)

    Orderhouse.com came to us with a goal of creating a mobile-friendly version of the existing online American Red Cross Store. The main goals of the project included optimizing the site to provide customers mobile access and track user activity through analytics.  

    Easy Navigation
    Use any native browser to explore the store with a standard menu navigation system, familiar functionalities and recognizable icons.

    Intuitive Messaging
    Receive messaging that's polite, concise, useful and never confusing.

    Subtle & Informative Notifications
    Get real-time updates and modest alerts assuring a quick and uninterrupted shopping experience while staying well informed throughout the process.

  • Moonlighting App

    Moonlighting is a cross-platform app that lets you buy and sell goods, hire and get hired for jobs, and explore new money-making opportunities all on your device, anytime, anywhere.

    Find/Post Jobs
    Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you can do or want to achieve and let them help you get it done.

    Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you want, when you need it most. Then, quickly pay or get paid within seconds of completing an opportunity.

  • Queens Public Library

    An award-winning, cross-platform tablet and mobile application that integrates with the Queens Public Library and eBook content providers to allow users to access curated library content and download eContent.

    Mobile Library
    Browse, check out and renew library items, manage your account, find branch locations via GPS, register for library events.

    eContent Integration
    Integration with major eContent providers including OverDrive, Axis 360 and Zinio. Patrons can search and enjoy downloadable eContent on their devices for free.

  • MyMilitaryLife

    A solution to help military spouses navigate the many adventures of military life. This app is the benchmark of a long-term vision laid out by a conceptual prototype that was demonstrated at the White House.

    Mobile Features
    Create to-do lists that help them stay on track to achieve life goals, receive tailored suggestions for their military service branch, rate and review content within the app, and access to resources specific to military families.

    Cloud-Based Content Management System
    Administrative control over the mobile app and web portal. Send and schedule custom push notifications or emails to users.

  • DC Health Link

    DC Health Link is an online marketplace created for individuals, families, and small business owners in D.C. to shop, compare, and select health insurance that meets their health needs and budgets.

    Individuals & Families App
    See if you qualify for a tax credit with an in-app calculator, find DCHL events, search for and get directions to brokers/assisters based on your GPS and access a number of DC Health Link resources.

    Small Business Owners App
    Search for brokers based on your GPS, request a broker to contact you directly, access resources including FAQs, enrollment checklist and browse insurance plans.

  • Kaplan MCAT

    A cross-platform interactive flash cards application for one of the largest education and test preparation providers features the ability to create customized sets of cards, and track and visually display a user's progress and proficiency.

    Mobile Features
    Track your progress as you master 200 frequently tested concepts in physics, general chemistry, biology, and organic chemistry. Create customized card sets, see statistics on your performance, and more as you get ready for test day.



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