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The CI team got to experience the 2015 NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California. This is our second year providing the NAACP with a cross-platform mobile solution that compliments the Image Awards. At the show, we got to see some of our favorite TV actors including Anthony Anderson, Kerry Washington, Oprah, Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, Gabrielle Union and a handful of stars from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

Some things we discovered from attending this event:

1. Kerry Washington really is FLAWLESS.

2. When commercials air on TV, they also air at the award show itself.

3. It is physically impossible to take a selfie with Oprah. Really, we couldn’t. It would be easier to get one with the President.

4. Aaron Saunders (our CEO) knows the most actors by name than anyone else at Clearly Innovative.

5. Always go to the after-party because Chaka Khan might do a surprise guest performance.

Did you miss the live show? Download the iOS or Android app to get a list of the winners.

Check out some of our pictures from this year’s event and apologies in advance for some blurriness (pictures are from our phones).

(Featured Image: Host Anthony Anderson takes a picture of Oprah Winfrey presenting the Entertainer Of The Year Award at the 46th NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California February 6, 2015. — Reuters)