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Our Senior Solutions Provider Kwasi Frye breaks down how we do management— better.


If a project fails, 9 times out of 10 it’s senior management and not the development team. Like most digital agencies we hire and train up great engineers. We’re successful, however, because we place equal importance on hiring exceptional managers.

We’re not just coders!

We have MBA, PMP, and Scrum Master level solution providers. They are skilled in proposal writing and product building. They have deep technical talent and started their careers as developers and designers.


Hiring exceptional managers has been our secret to doubling in size every year.

We didn’t get here without a lot of hard work. For our management hires, we didn’t follow the traditional recruitment model. We didn’t even follow the apprentice program that we use for our technical talent— we hired entrepreneurs.

We worked with leaders who had started their own consultancies, or were key parts of early stage startups. Our managers were typically CEOs from small 2 person shops or business developments leads at “larger” organizations.

It is a risky strategy. After learning our secret sauce, wouldn’t you expect they would leave at any moment to build their own products? We made it work, however, because we let them build those products under our roof. If management has an idea, they can pitch it during one of our ideathons. If it cuts the mustard, we will build it! Follow our 411Eats series to see one of our teams’ first products. We bet on entrepreneurial engineers as our management talent and the bet worked.