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What’s the power of digital? Turning complex problem statements into simple solutions.

At the beginning of each project we distill our client’s needs and desires into one problem statement. Our team did so with the NAACP Image Awards for its nomination system for its 47th awards ceremony.

2015-16 marked our third year of engagement with the NAACP Image Awards. The partnership originally started with developing a mobile application that acted as a companion to the awards show; providing fans at home a way to view all the nominees and access red carpet media. The application has grown into a digital suite of tools that allow the NAACP Image Awards to collect submissions, manage nominations, vote on winners and manage the reservation process for attending celebrities.
As highlighted in the figure below, we started with a complicated process and streamlined the app into a clear funnel.


The above process was morphed into one unified solution. Our goal was to take the many pieces of the process and convert them into a long channel customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Beyond the complexities of the process we also needed to provide a user-friendly interface that allowed users to automate as much of the submission process as possible. Our project converted a complex ven process into four main data objects along the CRM funnel:



In addition to re-architecting the online nomination process, we redesigned the Image Awards website and launched a redesigned the iOS and Android applications.


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.50.34 PM

(screenshot of the redesigned Image Awards homepage)

The new website showcases nominees and winners of the awards show and allows fans to interact with the Image Awards brand through social media. The website is also designed with a responsive layout and adjusts for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.




(screenshots of the redesigned Image Awards iOS mobile application)

The mobile application allows users to predict the winners of each category and view and share exclusive red carpet photos. Community engagement is manifested in a fan leaderboard; each type of interaction you create earns you a range of points that are tallied and displayed in the application. Those who rank highest are entered into a pool to win prizes from the Image Awards.