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Yesterday I was doing my hour long social media task to raise awareness and create buzz about (In3) the Inclusive Innovation Incubator, Luma Lab, Innovation & Inclusion; all of the things that I have been obsessing about for the last year. In the middle of that process I always try to think of interesting hashtags to increase the likelihood the tweet will be viewed, clicked and then eventually the reader will find their way to the website for In3.

During that process I typed the following:

#inclusion #opportunity #innovation

After looking at if for a while I saw beyond the discrete terms thrown together to grab the attention of the reader looking for 140 characters of information to see the deeper meaning here which is that Inclusion creates Opportunity for Innovation”. This is in fact, not only brining new more diverse perspectives but creating groups of individuals that use those unique perspectives to create solutions.

With In3 we can only be successful if we are intentional about catalyzing a more diverse and inclusive set of entrepreneurs and small business owners that can enter the innovation economy.

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