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Download the Kitchen Sink Demo App

You will find that 99.9% of all of your questions, problems and answers exist in this project. Download it read through the code.. memorize it if you like, but it is all right there.

did you download it yet??? [Kitchen Sink Demo Project]

Project creation error: Error creating project. Please try again.

Make sure you have installed ALL of  the versions of the Android SDK or else your project creation will fail with no good error message. The best way to do it is through your Eclipse IDE, access the Android SDK and AVD Manager, from there install all of the versions of the SDK


Do not delete the build directory.

I deleted the build directory when I was checking my code into SVN, please I know I should be using git.

Online Documentation Only:

Other than the documentation provided on the website and google… not much else, don’t think you are going to find a book in Barnes and Noble or Borders

Huge Productivity Gains:

Very good at quickly getting code functioning and running with device specific controls. One of my concerns with PhoneGap is the UIControls are not as nicely integrated into the solution

Fast, I got a basic application running with login screen, navigation view and tables pulling from a REST API in considerably less time than I did with PhoneGap, Objective-C and Android SDK….

Break Out The Javascript Books

You should make sure you are comfortable with Javascript and the lack of any real structured IDE for developing and debugging these solutions. I have been doing Javascript for awhile so it was not a problem, but be warned

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