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Today I sat through a four hour PhoneGap Introduction Webinar, for the price of about 100 bucks, it was well worth it. The various instructors walked you through the development of an iPhone application, then ported the same application to Android and Blackberry making minor modification to the javascript and html to deal with platform quirks.

A few comments I would like to make, first of all, you should spend some time with the technology before taking the webinar. They move pretty quickly through the Android and Blackberry topics, and the assumption is that you should know the platform pretty well. Since you are not in the same room when the training is happening, once you fall behind it is hard to keep up, in fact I am looking forward to review the video when it is sent in to fill in the blanks.

Overall I highly recommend the technology as an entry point into mobile application development. I am not sure if it will work for all solutions, but I am certain it can help alot of people get there problems solved quickly