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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been working some with PhoneGap. It is an interesting library, but it is still a little rough around the edges and it seems to me there is not a very strong community. I expect someone from the community might argue otherwise. I based that comment on the level of documentation and the responses I see when people post questions on the google group or on stackoverflow tagged PhoneGap questions.

I do believe there is a lot of potential here with this library and that is why I use it and why I am writing about it. When reading through some questions on Stackoverflow regarding PhoneGap, there was a question about reading from the applications resource bundle and how the existing api does not support it. This was an excellent chance for me to learn alittle more about the library so I dove in and made som changes to get the fileReader to read files in the bundle from javascript. It is alittle rough around the edges, but it works

Changes needed to the actual PhoneGap Library; I have made modifications to multiple files but really should break them out in to separate plugins and leave the baseline functionality available