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At Clearly Innovative, we build applications for clients, some clients do not want us to publicly state we have built applications for them since they have subcontracted the work to us for our mobile capabilities.

This creates an assortment of challenges for us from a marketing perspective since most new clients want to see a portfolio of work before considering Clearly Innovative for work… It is a bizzarre situation to be in a situation with a perspective client and being told we are not qualified because we dont have an app in the appstore that demonstrates a specific technology implementation with Appcelerator.

This application below is the beginning of an internal process where we will just build simple applications to demonstrate the capabilities of Clearly Innovative. Some of the apps will eventually be released into the community, but some will remain ours.

This State Department Information App is a rewrite of one of the first applications I wrote in Appcelerator almost two years ago.

Technical Features

  • RSS Reader and browser
  • Load YouTube Videos and play videos on device
  • Load photo collection from Flickr and view photos on device
  • Ability to post images, videos and links to articles on Facebook
  • Ability to post images, videos and links to articles on Twitter
  • Ability to send images, videos and links to articles through email
  • Uses Appcelerator CommonJS application structure

See app screenr below