Samsung Galaxy Tablet - Hands on... Slow - Clearly Innovative | Web and Mobile DevelopmentClearly Innovative | Web and Mobile Development

Got to play with a Galaxy Tablet today when I went to a Verizon Store to try and buy an Droid X for development purposes.

I have to say it is an interesting device and the 7in form factor is not as bad as I thought. I have had an iPad since day one and was pretty use to it’s size. I did think the Galaxy was alittle bulky and I definitely noticed that it was slow.

By slow I mean as you browse the web pages, they just don’t render as quickly as they do on the iPad and that was my biggest turn off regarding the device… along with the size of the thing… Too big for my pocket, I don’t carry a man bag… so what am I going to do with the thing; put it in my brief case… So then why not 10 inches like the iPad?

Point being, the 7in form factor is not a key point to me.