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I am currently involved with interviewing candidates to work on a project with me, and I assume that one of the individuals with be my replacement. The group that I am working with has gone back and forth on the interview process and who should talk first, what questions should be asked, blah blah blah we all know the drill.

I agree all of the technical questions must be asked, but I am a firm believer that most of the standard questions are a joke, everyone who has ever interviewed has prepped for the interview and knows the canned questions that are going to be asked, so what are the questions really revealing?

I prefer to just talk, have the individual talk as much as possible to see how they communicate and how they respond to relavant questions about themselves and the work they have accomplished. Through the conversation, since that is what I hope we will be having if you are hired, I should be able to get an understanding of you and your capabilities. If through a conversation I cannot get a feel for you, then how are we ever going to work together? How will you fit into the team and help us be efficient?

I have been doing software development for about 25 years and I am still writing code, but at the end of the day projects fail, date slip and requirements are not met because of poor communications… so drop the canned questions and have a conversation… you might be talking to your new hire.

this is the post that started my rant, Worst Interview Question