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For the last two years I have been a government contractor for Tesla Government where I was initially the sole developer, then one of two and then one of three who developed a collaboration solution for a government agency. The solution is known as PixToday, my work was focused on what is described as PixNews

I think it is safe to say that I wrote over 90% of the functioning code in the application that is live now and just had a rebranding and an excellent new UX added to it.

It is also safe to say that I wrote over 90% of the mobile application that is now available to use with this collaboration solution. I initially pitched the solution to Tesla Government but since we were not under contract for mobile development, I initiated R&D of possible frameworks and approaches for cross-platform development myself on my own time. I implemented a RESTFul API to interact with the collaboration server and  then started work on the mobile solution; This effort led me to Appcelerator after short stints with Phonegap and native iOS and Android development.

The Appcelerator Application is going through it’s final touches, but it has been released through official channels and it is being demonstrated to multiple government agencies as a way to utilize the benefits of a mobile device for capturing notes/information and the organizing the information from draft form, pushing to to the server for final editing and then distribution. The easiest way to think about PixMobile is that it is alot like Evernote.

Adoption of mobile application in the federal government is moving slowly and I was recently informed that my services were no longer needed to support the mobile development or the collaboration solution I architected.

Clearly Innovative, my company has benefited tremendously from the experiences I had working on this solution for the government and I must say I am sad to move on because I know there is so much more I can contribute to the project/product.

iPad, Android and Blackberry versions have not even been considered… time will tell and hopefully I will have the opportunity to leverage my experience with Appcelerator and working with government agencies to bring more value added mobile solutions public and private sector clients.