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I am posting this because I know there are people out there having issues with Facebook integration and Android on the Titanium Platform, and I am just sharing what I have discovered. If there is better information or an error is something I have posted here, please let me know.



Go to this link and download the facebook module, and unzip in an directory. If you are not familiar with modules and setting up your environment to support module compilation, please review this documentation first.



The missing link for me was the build.properties file, I believe it should be in the zip but it is not. I created my own, you can create one and add your own environment settings. The file should be placed in the root directory, at the same level as the build.xml.

These settings are for OSX, I am certain the Windows settings are similar.


Now you will attempt to compile the module

ant dist

and it will fail because "facebook/mobile/android/lib does not exist." add the missing directory and then you should be on your way.

ant dist will generate the new module for you.


ant run.emulator will start the emulator

ant run will install the test application on the emulator instance; when it starts you should see something like this…

I recommend reading through the readme documentation provided with the module, it explains how to use it; I have provided a link to it below.