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It was pointed out to me by Tim Poulsen Technical Curriculum Developerhere in this comment,  that the source code I provided in the original post was not really a complete description or example of the approach discussed and presented in the training materials by Appcelerator.

Also that I should not assume that everyone reads all of my posts… that one really hurt!!!

So here I have a complete example with the UI pulled out into a separate file while creating its own scope along with the cart.

I will also include again, the links to the materials provided by Appcelerator the have complete, detailed examples explain how to develop applications using Titanium Appcelerator.

These two approaches are covered with complete examples in the Appcelerator Wiki and also in the certification training classe examples.

I would also encourage all who have the means, and the money, to take the certification training… I believe it was money well spent




If you have a sharp eye you will notice, I like to name my events with the specific namespace of the listener associated with the event name. This makes it easier for me to find where things are located, it s an organizational thing.

Thanks Tim, I encourage feedback and comments because that is how I learned the platform. I read the QA Forums and answers questions and try to solve problems there because it gives me a broad understanding of the overall platform. That understanding allows me to do my job better and provide the best service to the customer while spreading the good word on the capabilities of the Titanium Appcelerator Platform.