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I currently have an application in the app store, but the reality is that it is not the first application I wrote. The first application I wrote with Titanium Appcelerator is called State Department Quickie.

Really simple concept, aggregate the RSS Feeds from the State Department and the You Tube Content into a simple iPhone, Android UI… Well was digging though my source code repository and realized I gotta publish this thing or else it was just a big waste of time.

The project was really a learning experience for me and I hope to post all of the code in a public repository once I get done with the cleanup and the app store admission process.

It has some interesting features

  • Sharing Content through Twitter, Email or Facebook
  • Access to all You Tube Videos
  • Selected favorite RSS Feeds from State Department
  • Embedded content from the RSS Feed
  • Future – Download content for later viewing
  • Future – Port to Android and iPad

Here are some screen shots

If you have any questions, hit me on twitter or the comments below