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Clearly Innovative has created a curriculum that teaches students how to translate unique business ideas into a mobile solution.

If you’re reading this, you probably already understand how important it is for communities to incorporate computer programming classes in their schools. Clearly Innovative wants to focus on more than just coding education; our program provides comprehensive knowledge about what it takes to develop digital solutions for and within our local communities.

As an organization we want to expose students to the ever-evolving world of technology and open their eyes to endless opportunities that span from design to development. Our passion is reflected in CEO Aaron Saunders’ unique approach to STEM and the program we’ve developed over the past two years. We partnered last year with Startup Middle School to conduct a year long program and immersive summer camp at Howard Middle School. Another partnership with Georgetown Day School has allowed us to teach students at their after-school program.

Our approach to getting students excited about technology starts with asking the students to identify a problem they see in their community. Then we challenge them to create a mobile or web application to solve the problem. From there, we teach students the process of building solutions from ideation to design to development to launch. We scale these concepts based on the students’ ages. At GDS we are showing students how an idea they brainstorm can transform into something real through technology.

GDS student learning code with Code.org

GDS student learning basic logic principles through games on Code.org


Quincy working with a student at GDS

Quincy working with a student at GDS


Our design and development interns Mike Kalreiss and Quincy Cambrel, work together as instructors during our after school program at GDS.  They teach a wide range of students (PK-8th grade) coding fundamentals through group learning activities, one-on-one assistance and with the aid of coding education software like Scratch, Tynker, Code.org and Kodable.


GDS student working with Code.org to learn code

GDS student using Hour of Code via Code.org


GDS student working with Tynker

GDS student working with Tynker


Tynker code learning software

Tynker – a code learning software


We recorded a Q&A talk with Mike and Quincy on their experience preparing the next generation of coders. Our discussion highlights their unique and refreshing perspectives on STEM education, why they believe it’s important and an inside look at teaching energetic, imaginative students how to build websites and mobile apps.