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Audience engagement, brand awareness & content marketing – Clearly Innovative’s experience at the LinkedIn Small Business Boot Camp.


From October 25 – 27th, our CEO Aaron Saunders and Lis Warren, attended the LinkedIn Small Business Boot Camp in Mountain View, California. Clearly Innovative was one of twenty winners out of 30,000 applicants to receive a $100,000 Mission Main Street Grant. The grant will be used to to expand our tech education program, Luma Lab! As a result of receiving the grant, Aaron and Lis were able to attend a conference at LinkedIn’s campus. I spoke with Lis and composed a list of five key take aways from their experience.



1.) People Read Books!

Books are still great sources of information, even for people in tech. This list contains suggested books and PDFs from the conference panelists (including CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner) that provide serious fundamentals to an effective marketing strategy, especially for small businesses.

• The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and Creating Your First Big Rock are free PDFs made available by LinkedIn.

• Diffusion of Innovations and Welcome to the Funnel are books that are readily available to anyone through Amazon.

• The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama


2.) Keep Your Audience in Mind, Always

Pushing out content without checking your demographic is as useful as not posting at all. There’s no point in posting if your consumers are not considered when you’re putting your work out. Aim for a certain demographic and empathize with your prospects and customers–consider how they feel at the moment when you’re writing.

• Are you posting just to post?

• Push out frequent, but quality content.

• Somebody will always want to read your content. Keep it fresh.



3.) Make Your Stories Enjoyable, Useful & Inspired

It’s hard to keep someone’s attention if your content can be retrieved elsewhere. If they’ve seen the information somewhere else, they’ll most likely go back to where they saw it first. If someone goes to your website, they want to read new, fresh content. Be innovative with your content; make people want to listen to you.

Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content.

• Beware of cliché phrases like “check out…/check this out”.

• Use a brief anecdote that will draw in the reader/costumer.


4.) Identify Your “Big Rock”

Your big rock focuses on a certain topic that you want your consumers to be most drawn to. It lays the foundation for all other pieces of content that can be derived from it. One big rock can fuel your entire content marketing; it could be social media, your LinkedIn, a blog, email campaign, etc. Your big rock should focus on your company: the history, your successes/milestones, and why you are relevant. This information will help draw in potential customers, while also impressing current ones.

• Are you constantly tending to it, or did you throw it to the side and forget about it?

• Blog whenever you have something to say.


 5.) Manage Compassionately

Keep in mind that everyone has a personal life outside of work. You never know what one of your co-workers is going through. If you are in a supervisor role and are experiencing a hostile situation at the office, take a step back and look at the situation. Try to identify why it is occurring and what you can do to resolve it instead of reacting emotionally. Don’t get frustrated because your coworker or staff member doesn’t execute tasks the way you want them to; play to their strengths and by virtue help them excel.

• Instead of adding fuel to the fire, de-escalate the issue.

• Play to your coworkers’ strengths and be a coach to them.


The LinkedIn Small Biz Boot Camp was a great networking and learning opportunity to help expand and effectively promote the Luma Lab program. Clearly Innovative is thankful of the opportunity to visit the LinkedIn headquarters and of course the Mission Main Street Grant is providing tremendous support to our Luma Lab mission. I hope you find these takeaways as useful as we do and if what you really need help with is developing a website or mobile app, shoot us an email!

Autumn Dalton, Digital Media & Marketing Intern | autumn@clearlyinnovative.com