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Developing a mobile strategy can appear to be a huge and overwhelming process. At Clearly Innovative, we work with clients on a regular basis to assist them in developing a mobile strategy that aligns with business objectives and embraces the unique advantages that come from developing a mobile solution.

A common mistake when beginning the process of developing a mobile strategy is having unclear perspective of what “mobile” can be.

What’s A Mobile Strategy?

Mobile Strategy is not a technology or a project, but a practice. It is the alignment of consumer needs, business goals, and mobile technologies.

Do You Have the Right Team?

We have outlined the key areas needed to successfully guide any company or organization to convene the correct stakeholders to define a strategy to produce returns that exceed their investment. To ensure the success of your project, you will need to make sure to assemble the right team members. The following people need to be at the table when defining your strategy:

  • Vision: C-Suite level members (CEO, Directors, etc.)
  • Execution Lead: Communication Director / IT Manager
  • Target Audience Advocate: Board members, etc.
  • Technology Partner: Clearly Innovative

The 9 Steps

The following 9 points make up the key components needed to develop a mobile strategy. When we work alongside clients, we go through each of these items through a series of workshops and exercises. Each one of these points should be represented in the in the strategy document developed by your team.

  1. Set Objectives
  2. Identify Target Groups
  3. Context of Usage
  4. Problem Identification
  5. Solution (What are you building?)
  6. Platform Strategy
  7. Product Life-cycle
  8. Measurable Metrics
  9. Integration into Communication & Sales

Use the following worksheet to get additional details about the 9 steps.


Each of the 9 steps will be addressed in detailed in a series of blog posts over the next few weeks so stay tuned. Developing a mobile strategy was covered in depth during a workshop at Clearly Innovative on April 23rd and the following slide deck is from that presentation.