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Alloy ListView & Facebook Friends

Using ListViews in your application will provide you with a tremendous performance improvement in your applications. You will undoubtedly see the biggest gains in your Android applications.

The functionality is not fully baked into Alloy and there are still some open issues that you can track in JIRA but for the most part, I think it is good to go. This sample I have build below using the ListView runs pretty well on IOS and Android and you do not see the usual lag you see when trying to render images in a TableView. We have implemented this approach in one of our client apps (SnapDash) that uses much larger images and the performance is very very good!!

See the code below and if there are question, post them to the comment section below

Now we need to add some basic styling

Finally the meat of the code. Nothing special here but since ListView is not supported in the alloy XML at this point. We need to add the template information and the data to the ListView in regular code.

More information in the kitchensink examples here, Information as it relates to Alloy will be found here when the functionality is release with Alloy 1.20

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Be sure to come back for more information on using Titanium Alloy. Also look out for my book on Appcelerator Titanium Alloy and Appcelerator Cloud Service which is coming out this fall from Wiley.