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Appcelerator Cloud Services Adapter with User Model

ci.alloy.acs.books/app/assets/alloy/sync/acs.js at master · aaronksaunders/ci.alloy.acs.books · GitHub

Modifications made to social.js to support file uploads in twitter

Clearly Innovative Thoughts – Titanium Appcelerator Quickie: Posting Images to Twitter with Social.js

Modified Sql Adapter to properly create Backbonejs objects

todolist.alloy/app/assets/alloy/sync/sql2.js at master · aaronksaunders/todolist.alloy · GitHub

Appcelerator Books Example with Integrated ACS

aaronksaunders/ci.alloy.acs.books · GitHub

Simple post on getting started with Appcelerator Alloy

Clearly Innovative Thoughts – Hacking With AppceleratorAlloy

The Appcelerator Training Application – TiFugitive Ported over to use Appcelerator Alloy

aaronksaunders/alloy_fugitive · GitHub

Slidedeck on Appcelerator Alloy and Source Code

Alloy Simple App Demonstration

Beginnings of A StackMob Adapter for Appcelerator Alloy

aaronksaunders/Alloy-StackMob-Adapter · GitHub