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Global Fan Draft Select, Fraternities and Sororities’ App provides a platform allowing more direct interaction between the users and the organizations. Members are able to post photos and comments about their favorite Frat/Sorority Houses and the crazy, enduring, wild and fanatical way they interact with each other. Users are able to check out other members from the “My Feed” screen and are able to share each other’s posts.

The challenge is which organization has the most member pride, love and greatest interaction among each other. The goal is to make the Fan All Star Team. From the pledges to the Alumni, who has the greatest Greek Spirit? Join the Fan Draft Frenzy!

The Global Fan Draft -SELECT

“Best Sorority/Fraternity App Challenge”

The Sorority & Fraternity with the most total posts win the GFD National Championships.

The best posts by individual Sorority and Fraternity members will be selected to the GFD Sorority and Fraternity All-Star Teams!!!

The app is currently available for Android smartphones and was developed by the help of our Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) interns.  

Download the application from the Google Play Store 


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