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The National Military Family Association has been amping up promotion of their award-winning mobile app, MyMilitaryLife.

The National Military Family Association is a nonprofit focused on providing a voice and helping hand to all U.S. military families. For the past three years, we’ve worked with NMFA on building their award-winning mobile app, MyMilitaryLife we built with Appcelerator Titanium, in addition to custom building the apps’ content management system.




The MyMilitaryLife app has been a great success for the National Military Family Association with their target audience. This support and recognition is a driving force behind a recent Facebook Ad campaign for MyMilitaryLife and most recently, advertising of the app on a billboard outside Fort Campbell, one of the most highly trafficked military bases in the country. From NPR interviews to a promotional YouTube video, the National Military Family Association is an excellent example of an organization that understands the ROI generated from putting forth a comprehensive marketing strategy around their mobile application.



With the MyMilitaryLife app, NMFA can provide its network of military families a social platform with a vast array of useful features and contour how they engage with their users with a custom built content management system.

Read a one-pager on the MyMilitaryLife app and our work with The National Military Family Association.

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