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I am incredibly thrilled to join the Clearly Innovative team as an intern this summer!


I foresee that this opportunity will be a spectacular experience which will unlock a whole new realm of possibility in my future.

Even as I work towards my undergraduate degree in Northeastern University’s Computer Science and Business Administration combined major program, I am a firm believer in getting as much hands-on experience as possible in the fields that I am passionate about.  The illustrious Ray Bradbury once said, “First you jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”


Intern Carlton Marshall at his freshman orientation at Northeastern University.

Intern Carlton Marshall during his freshman orientation at Northeastern University last summer.


Especially in the rapidly evolving and changing world of technology, gone are the days of merely studying inside the classroom for a number of years only to emerge and realize the technology of yesteryear is now nearly obsolete.  Bradbury’s metaphor suggests that the day will come when you must put down the books on how to fly, and instead take the leap of faith off of the edge into the unknown and use your creativity, innovation and grit to survive.

There are a number of skills, experiences and abilities that I would like to acquire and improve upon over the course of my internship with Clearly Innovative.  First and foremost as an individual with interests in entrepreneurship, I would really benefit from seeing how a technology company such as Clearly Innovative runs on a day-to-day basis.  Just by observing how the company operates is something that I could not experience anywhere else.  Seeing how various parts and sub-departments within the business interconnect will provide me with a great look into how a digital solutions provider operates successfully.  From marketing and social media management, to accounting and the use of Appcelerator, I am interested in it all and how each part contributes to the overall success of the company.

Specifically, I would love to see the entire mobile app ideation process brought into reality through the use of a framework like Appcelerator.  From the initial client consultation, to the research and testing, to the wireframing and design and ultimately to the coding and delivery.  I’d also like to experiment with and learn more about the software and code myself, culminating in the creation of a simple product or two.

I am aware that community involvement is a vital part of the Clearly Innovative atmosphere, and the opportunity to teach or expose young children of color to the field of technology would be something I would find very rewarding.


Keeping my coding skills fresh, and learning new languages using Codecademy.

Keeping my coding skills fresh, and learning new languages using Codecademy.


At the end of this summer internship, I hope to have a much clearer vision of where I would like to be.  If I were to imagine myself a couple of months in the future, what would that post-internship version of myself want me to accomplish during this internship experience?

I think the biggest goal is to expand my computer science literacy and also to get a clearer picture of my interests in this enormous field.  I have not yet built an app or website from scratch and gaining the knowledge of how to do so is immensely important to me, and it also is something I would enjoy.  As a person who has so many interests in so many different things, this internship opportunity will focus these interests and hopefully steer me towards a niche in the industry that I could eventually see myself working in.  My post-internship self will appreciate if I go into this internship ready to learn as much as possible, and also ready to try new things and step out of my comfort zone as a programmer, entrepreneur and team player.


Intern with Clearly Innovative!