Interning At Clearly Innovative: Week 6 - Clearly Innovative | Web and Mobile DevelopmentClearly Innovative | Web and Mobile Development

“Working hard, or hardly working?” — the big question of Week 6.

As usual, I spent two days out of the week assisting at the Luma Lab summer camp at Georgetown Day School, and the remaining three days collaborating with the Clearly Innovative team at the downtown Washington D.C. offices.


A beautiful day in downtown Washington, D.C.

A beautiful day in downtown Washington, D.C.


This week at the Luma Lab summer session 2, taking place at the Georgetown Day School lower/middle school campus, I worked with campers as they continued developing their coding skills.  Most campers are using Codecademy to learn HTML and CSS, two languages used to build websites.  Some students have even went on to learn JavaScript and to use Android Studio.  In between these intense coding sessions, fellow instructor Vincent Quarles and I have been facilitating a daily event that has quickly become a class favorite: a friendly game of dodgeball in the school’s wrestling room!  Unfortunately, because of the intensity and rigor of these matches, no picture or video content has yet been captured of the competition.



Intern Carlton Marshall getting some work done at the Clearly Innovative downtown offices.


While at the downtown offices for the remainder of the week, I worked on some additional RFP’s, put together another letter of interest on behalf of company CEO Aaron K. Saunders for a speaking engagement, and had the chance to test the second version of a nearly-complete mobile app created by Clearly Innovative developers.



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