Interning at Clearly Innovative: Week 8 - Clearly Innovative | Web and Mobile DevelopmentClearly Innovative | Web and Mobile Development

All good things must come to an end… but today is not that day, because I still have another week left!


In my penultimate week interning at Clearly Innovative, it was still all gas and no brakes.  I started the week off by researching different ways iPhone users can receive push notifications without having installed a mobile app.  Some technologies that I looked into were iBeacon, Passbook and Wireless Emergency Alerts.  In summary, I came to the conclusion that no technology (available to the public) yet exists to send an iPhone user push notifications without the installation of an app.



Researching iBeacon on the Apple Developer’s website.


I also had the chance to sit-in on a meeting with a new Clearly Innovative business partner.  The initial meeting covered a general overview of the new mobile application that Clearly innovative will be developing for the organization.  Both parties exchanged back-and-forth questioning and clarification.  It was interesting to see, firsthand, how the company interacts with new business partners and the level of information exchange that has to take place to even get the project going.


During Week 8, I also worked on yet another Request For Proposal (RFP) response.  This time however, the proposal was especially lengthy and tedious.  Although the feeling of completing a proposal is hard to beat, I can’t say I wouldn’t appreciate a short break from crafting them.


Intern Carlton Marshall II works on a lengthy Request For Proposal (RFP).


Lastly during Week 8, I used platforms such as Trello (a project management tool) and Installr (a beta app distribution platform) to test some new mobile applications developed by Clearly Innovative developers.  In layman’s terms, my foremost goal was to see if I could make the app crash or freeze.  Fortunately, our developers are very skilled at what they do and I only reported minor bugs, UI issues and grammatical errors.


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