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Well, the final blog post for my internship at Clearly Innovative is here.  I can say undoubtedly that this entire experience was fantastic and I learned much more than I would have imagined!

I am fortunate to have interned at a smaller-sized company, such as Clearly Innovative (CI), because I feel as though I really had the chance to connect more with the team.  It was a wonderful opportunity to work hand-in-hand with senior level managers such as Kwasi Frye, Jill Roberts and Denise Saunders, who together have decades of experience in the field.  I also got to work with the team’s great designer, Lis Warren, to craft marketing documents and assist at the Luma Lab 2015 summer camp.  I worked with the team’s awesome digital marketing strategist, Dominic Swain, to draft blog posts and learn about the vast field of marketing.  I got to work with each of the fantastic developers (Matt Cho, Heedoo Moon, and Sean Jennings) at some point to either test a mobile app, draft requirements documentation or simply talk code.  I also had the chance to interact with the team’s superb office manager, Anita Hall.

The openness of the CI office made the experience even better because I didn’t feel as though I was separated from the senior level staff or developers.  This transparency also allowed me to interact with the company CEO Aaron Saunders on a regular basis.


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Intern Carlton Marshall with Clearly Innovative CEO Aaron K. Saunders.


In my initial blog post before my internship I said, “First and foremost as an individual with interests in entrepreneurship, I would really benefit from seeing how a technology company such as Clearly Innovative runs on a day-to-day basis.”  I can say for sure that during my time at CI, I have done just that.  The conversations that I was able to have with various team members gave me a great look into how the company operates successfully.  In that first blog post I also mentioned, “I would love to see the entire mobile app ideation process brought into reality through the use of a framework like Appcelerator.  From the initial client consultation, to the research and testing, to the wireframing and design and ultimately to the coding and delivery.”  I am very fortunate in that I could point to a specific experience, or in-fact to a previous blog post that I have written, that covers each of these topics.  I truly had multiple opportunities to observe the entire process for delivering a mobile app or website to a business partner.

Lastly, in my first CI blog post I said, “If I were to imagine myself a couple of months in the future, what would that post-internship version of myself want me to accomplish during this internship experience?”  Now that I am the “post-internship” version of myself, I can look back and reflect on what I accomplished and determine if these accomplishments met my expectations.  Bar none, my summer 2015 experience at Clearly Innovative was filled with ample learning opportunities and I feel that I really grew as a programmer, entrepreneur and team player.  I look forward to being able to look back on these blog posts to reminisce on my experience, hopefully from a position of continued growth.

I would like to thank Aaron Saunders, Kwasi Frye and the rest of the Clearly Innovative team for this magnificent opportunity.  I will surely stay connected with the organization, and hope to come back in the future to put my new skills and abilities to work.  Connect with me on LinkedIn.


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