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Do yourself a favor before hiring a developer to develop your mobile application… ask a few questions, it is not just about the lowest hourly rate.

How long have they been developing software?

Notice I did NOT say mobile applications, I said software… software development is a process, a practice that some people have taken years to perfect. Anyone and EVERYONE now of days is saying they are a developer, there are free classes, tutorials online; anyone can hack together a solution so be careful.

How long have they been using Appcelerator?

Not studying, Not teaching, Not Reviewing, but actually building stuff for clients? Posting work in GitHub, Helping out the community in the forums or StackOverflow. What does there portfolio of mobile development look like? What does there overall portfolio and experience look like?

How deep is their bench?

Now that is an interesting question… what happens when you developer gets stuck? Who is reviewing the developers code? Who is the developer bouncing ideas off of? You think they are only working on your project?

What is the TOTAL COST of  the solution?

This fixation on hourly rate makes no sense at all to me. The assumption that all developers perform at the same rate like machines, just doesnt make sense. The real question should be how much is this WHOLE project going to cost? Where is developer going to be when you need an update or a bug fix? Who will maintain the code?

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