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When it comes to developing Lean products, the principles of rapid iterations through testing and Minimum Viable Products are the cornerstone of the process. There are a number of books and websites covering Lean however executing a Lean process can be very challenging in practice.

The key to being successful is focusing on getting your first customer and not technology features. We’ve seen too many clients obsessed with features instead of getting a product to market as soon as possible.

One recommendation is using Launchpad to navigate the Lean process and it will walk you through the steps to get to launch and customer validation. visual of "What Launchpad offers your project" visual of “What Launchpad offers your project”


Applying a Lean approach allows businesses to scale effectively and achieve sustainable success by enabling their ability to adapt realistically to unforeseen variables. We’ve spent years developing a comprehensive strategy for applying this Lean-Startup thinking to the work we do with our clients and have seen time and time again¬†how common UX and UI problems are adverted when using Lean-friendly tools and techniques.

Tell us about your product or business and let’s figure out how we can make the Lean process work for you.