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FYESports: We Build Communities Through Sports and Fitness


About one year ago, Thad Payton went to his friend David Gibson with an incredible idea for the ultimate “online social sports management” platform, they fleshed out the idea, started FYESports LLC and identified their first milestone; creating a mobile application that would provide a foundation for the platform.

Our partnership with FYESports began in Spring 2014 and since our kickoff workshop, we’ve worked closely with them to develop an MVP application that has set a foundation for a sustainable and scalable platform. The application features an intuitive interface, real-time group chat, roster and game scheduling, and general league management. Users can also upload a vast array of user data ranging from personal stats to performance videos.



Whiteboarding is an important part of the discovery phase; it allows us to be iterative and fluid as we strategize the right experience for FYESports’ target audiences.


Early Development

It’s easy to understand why Thad and David’s idea is brilliant. It’s a solution to a longstanding problem in the sports management & recruitment industries. The idea for FYESports came about when Thad reflected on his experiences as a young athlete, intramural coach and professional participating in competitive sports, wishing a tool or resource existed that could centralize various parts of his experience into one place. After talking with David, they realized people actively involved in sports and fitness communities needed one place where they could easily and instantly engage as well as coordinate with each other– an all purpose social sports community people can access from their mobile devices or desktop computers.



A wireframe illustration of the FYESports web application.


Current Features of the FYESports App

FYESports mobile app is in the first tier of its development, designed to give mobile users a unique and comprehensive experience with their various sports and fitness activities. To assure the quality and scalability of the mobile apps, we built the iOS mobile app with Swift and the Android mobile app with Java.

The app currently features:

Push Notifications – receive alerts about changes to any events in your schedule.

Scheduling – change and manipulate the schedule interface using a simple drag and drop feature.

Team Chat – real-time chatting amongst team members and during game days, real-time chatting with team members and opponents.

Photos – upload game and team photos.

Web Application – a website allowing league officials to manage various parts of league logistics.



Current FYESports mobile app features.


This current set of features will allow users to stay up-to-date on their games while enjoying a more convenient way to socialize with teammates.

The next stage of the FYESports platform will further enhance the mobile apps user experience and provide users with access to the web application significantly greater options.

To experience the FYESports app for yourself, just download the app and contact FYESports to be registered as a beta test user.

Need to Develop an MVP?

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