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Glam&Go is an express hair styling service offering women amazing blowouts at an even more amazing price. For $20 you can get a serious curves express blowout in a mere 15 minutes that will have you feeling runway ready. The client currently offers online booking through her MindBody website. We engaged with Glam&Go to create a stronger mobile presence for their brand. The primary goals for the project included creating a branded user experience, integrating with the MindBody platform and providing a more convenient way for existing and future customers to book appointments. Here are five big highlights of how we accomplished these goals:

1. Amplify the Brand

Glam&Go’s first mobile application was an “out of the box” solution provided by the client management system, MindBody. This platform provided the technology the client needed to allow users to book and manage appointments but with very minimal custom branding. During our Clarity workshop with Glam&Go we discussed the look & feel by reviewing mood boards, use case scenarios and target audience profiles. The Glam&Go brand is classy, fun and effortless. We went through an iterative process to ensure that the user interface reflected the brand and aesthetic the client was hoping to achieve. The technology must function properly and it is also critical to place your own special stamp on it and make it yours. We successfully integrated with MindBody’s platform and created a user interface that reflects Glam&Go’s brand.

2. Get Asses In Seats

Our client candidly explained the most important thing was “get asses in seats.” We whole heartedly agreed with this mobile strategy goal and analyzed the original app’s structure to see what could be improved. The original application structured all buttons with the same weight and level of importance. Clearly Innovative strategized to break up the home screen’s layout by focusing the user’s attention on a prominent Book My Glam button. There are other actions the user can take like finding the closest Glam&Go spot based on geo-location and viewing Glam&Go hair style services, but Book My Glam is the most important feature. By establishing new hierarchy we were able to make it the main call to action very clear.

3. Reduce Number of Screens

Glam&Go provides an awesome service for woman; with their help you can hit the gym, go to work, run your errands AND have great hair. Their service makes your life easy and the app should reflect this easy, breeziness. When booking an appointment we didn’t want the user to jump through hoops. We needed to keep the booking process as simple as possible, while still making the experience interactive and intuitive.  Once the user chooses a hairstyle, the booking process happens all on one screen; we leveraged native picker styles and drop down menus for the user to drill down the screen to choose the best location, date and time to get a blowout. Customers can book appointments in a couple of seconds and maintain their daily work routines effortlessly.

4. Track User Behavior

To continue providing the best experience and support for customers we integrated Google Analytics to track what users click on the most and how long they stay on certain features. Besides seeing an uptick in booked appointment, analytics is essential to measure the application’s success in a quantified way. This insight is used to keep the application robust with features that the user wants and helps prioritize updates in future releases.

5. Share Your ‘Do

Social media can help grow awareness of your business tremendously. We leverage a share module that allows the user to take a picture of her great hairdo and post the photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc while also pushing a default branded message about Glam&Go.

This is a cross-platform application available for download now in the Apple and Google Play stores.