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Mostly Firebase and Ionic Framework Examples

Over the past few months, I have created a bunch of Firebase and Ionic Framework 1 and Ionic2 Sample projects to validate the technology and to help with learning the content. These examples were build specifically for our work with Ionic Framework, but they should work with AngularJS and Angular2

I was starting to have a problem tracking it down and sending it to others so I decided to just put a list of it all here


Ionic2 Http Request: This is a sample showing how to do http request in Ionic


Ionic2 Firebase3: A very basic Ionic2 login and query realtime database sample


Ionic2 & AngularFire2 with Facebook Auth: AngularFire2 Integrated with Ionic2 showing email authentication with Facebook Authentication. This solution using the Facebook plugin to get tha accessToken. I know there are othe solutions out there that use the ngOAuth plugin, but that pluging only gets you the token and then you are on your own if you want to query the Facebook API for anything else


Ionic2 Angularfire2: More complex application with account creation and security rules on database queries


Ionic Framework 1 with Firebase3 Database & Storage: this application is in the original ionic framework and shows authentication, user account creation, database queries and image uploads using Firebase Storage and the Image Picker Plugin


Ionic2 with Firebase3 Database & Storage: Same as above, but implemented with Ionic2


Ionic2 Authentication w/ Tabs: shows one approach for authentication when using Tabs in your UI


React-Native & Firebase Authentication Realtime Database: basic auth and query



Ionic Framework 1 – Firebase Storage File Upload Video – Part One


Ionic Framework 1 – Firebase Storage File Upload Video – Part Two


Ionic Framework 2 – Firebase Storage File Upload Video