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The challenge continues to make Parse work with Appcelerator but I have made some adjustments to the original hack I created to get the solution more fully integrated with Appcelerator and include Facebook integration in the solution.

It is the same basic premise as the original solution where we override existing objects in the parse library to leverage the Appcelerator HTTPClient and the Appcelerator Facebook integration. I have tested this solution with the integration IOS support for Facebook single sign on and with old way where you get the web UI for the login prompt.

Edits to the Parse Javascript API

Add this to line 1348 of Parse JavaScript SDK Version: 1.2.18

Replace line 8576 of Parse JavaScript SDK Version: 1.2.18

I have created a full example with a git repo, here is how you use the library in your application

Essential Links:

Parse Javascript SDK Download Link This code was tested with version 1.2.18