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Whenever I start a new job or project, I dive in 150% to get completely engaged and to set the tone for the rest of the team member. I try to instill in all team member that they are valuable but there is a high expectation level that will vary for each person, meaning a junior level guy can be successful without matching the performance of a senior level guy.

Once this is set, the boundaries are defined and we are off to the races. The idea of success and performance becomes part of all we do, hopefully it becomes viral within the team and them everyone we interact with can sense the focus, passion and performance driven nature of the team.

The perception is that the team works together, respects each other and just knows what to do and when to do it.

That perception of the team then becomes a reflection of me. It is not what did Aaron do, but what did the team accomplish; we are all associated with success and dependability.

Perception is reality, you just need to find a way to shape that perception.

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