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Never be in an unsafe area alone

    Whatever you may think the future holds, by just looking at history we can be sure that crime will be around. But as technology becomes more widely adopted and integrated into our lives, people like Shawn McCarthy believe the average person has a way to protect themself.

    In comes Phenced, a cross-platform mobile application envisioned by McCarthy and developed by Clearly Innovative. Developed using the Ionic Framework for the front end and Kinvey for the backend, Phenced allows users to create sessions that will keep a close eye on their location using Google Maps embedded in the app, intelligently tracing your path and marking the areas you’ve stopped. Along the way, if the user happens to see or hear anything suspicious, they can take a photo or video through the app and add it to the session.

Messenger bird

If you are in a city you are unfamiliar with, you probably don’t know exactly how safe it is before you begin walking around. Even if you are familiar with the city you are in, you definitely don’t know where and what types of crime are going on around you.

We have integrated the SpotCrime api to give the user a bird’s eye view of recently reported crimes in their area, so they can decide for themselves whether or not it is safe to continue their journey.

 Guardian angels

What’s going to happen if I get mugged on my trip? Who’s going to know? Who’s going to tell my dogs??

One of the most important features is the ability to keep track of specific people you choose to be emergency contacts. Whenever you begin a session you will have the ability to share it with contacts you choose. Those contacts will get a notification at the beginning of the session and can open up the app to view it on a Google-generated map.

You also have the ability to add contacts to your “circle”. This circle of contacts should be chosen as the 8 closest people you know that will be able to help the most in an emergency. If anything happens to you during the session, you will have the option to take an emergency photo or video that will immediately be saved and sent to your circle.


Whether you are traveling in an unsafe area or selling your pull-out sofa to a stranger on craigslist, Phenced is made to cover your back.

App is available on IOS at iTunes App Store and Android at Google Play Store