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Code Everywhere: #IlLUMAnating the DMV to Technology & Innovation Opportunities

Not your Grandma’s Camping Trip:

When we think of camping, It’s safe to say that coding would probably never come up among the list of things we’re used to: tent pitching, fire starting, tie-dying, etc. But, perhaps we need to rethink what camping means. Just this past Summer, our students, through a partnership with AnBryce Foundation and their Camp Dogwood, made coding an integral part of the camp experience. With minimal internet connection, under the direction of an awesome instructor, Luma Lab was able to bring mobile app development to Madison, VA. An unusual and new adventure for us, we’re happy to report that we successfully completed our program in what is to date, one of the most unique places yet.

But wait, There’s more…

Was one wilderness adventure/coding camp enough for Luma Lab? Of course not! Back in the District of Columbia, over 100 students, through our partnership with the College Success Foundation, learned to code in the classrooms of Gallaudet University. With projects touching every genre from sports to culinary arts our students pitched their hard work auditorium style to their peers, family, and friends.

Third camps the charm But even two successful summer camps wasn’t enough! We rounded out our Summer with a return to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington’s Petworth clubhouse. B&GC has been an exceptional partner these past few years and this Summer was no exception. Our students not only designed mobile apps but also created the websites to showcase and advertise their mission and goals.

Uber Code Everywhere

All of our students this Summer identified their audiences and created and designed apps that alleviated problems, ranging from the fun and creative with fashion apps to the thoughtful and innovative with apps to help overcome language barriers. After finding their niche our students showed promise as designers, developers, and businessmen and women. They respectively lead in their roles and ultimately created awesome projects. This Summer was one of innovative ideas, laughs, and most importantly education. It has been proven that tapping into the imagination of our students takes a little time, effort, and support but it’s always well worth it. While all good things must indeed come to an end, we’ve communicated to the students that this intro to technology class is only the beginning. Our students are back in their classrooms with the tools and support necessary to keep their gears turning and their minds on coding and programming.

New year, new programs! As we prepare for our Fall partnerships with the AnBryce Foundation, the College Success Foundation at Kramer Middle School, and Washington School for Girls, it’s hard to say goodbye Summer but there’s much more ilLUMAnating to do! We would also be remiss if we didn’t take this time to acknowledge our Summer instructors, Miles Johnson, Jordan Barnes and Christine Irvin, you all were the best and we know that you all helped us #ilLUMAnateDC with all of our students. We can’t wait to see what our students have in store for us this Fall! #HappyCoding

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