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Migrante Head Start

In 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson began America’s War on Poverty. This became the foundation upon which organizations such as Head Start, one aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty by providing early childhood education and comprehensive social services, could grow and help underserved communities.

One branch of Head Start, the National Migrant Head Start Collaboration Office (NMHSCO), is dedicated entirely to providing services to migrant farmworkers and their children, whom rarely have access to health and childcare services. Currently, there are 38 states where Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) services are provided, and approximately 1,200 (including US Territories) Health Centers in the United States. Unfortunately, many of the people are not aware of the existence of the MSHS services or how to find help. NMHSCO sought the services of Clearly Innovative to create a modern web and mobile app that contained a directory for easy lookup of service locations.

Developed using AngularJS and the Ionic Framework, the Migrante Head Start app provides a smooth experience on both desktop and mobile. Many people don’t have access to desktops to reach the internet, so they rely solely on their mobile devices. With this in mind, we set out to make the mobile experience as simple and easy as possible. Users can either visit the responsive website, which scales appropriately for whatever device is being used, or download the app from their respective app store if they will need to rely on the app frequently. With these services now easier to utilize, Head Start plans to give the power back to the people.

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