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Working with React Native and Firebase to get access to social authentication.

This is a hack, I know it is a hack, but I was just curious if it could be done. If anyone know where the non-minified code is for the library, I believe I can help with getting this to work properly. I believe the same model that is used to integrate AngularFire with cordova inappbrowser can be used here also.

So what I have done is use the React.WebView to go through the OAuth process since I was unable to get the ReactFire library to handle it themselves.

So we use Firebase to get the process started.

The Firebase library is looking for the browser Window object to redirect to. We have added a object and are waiting for a redirect to come back from the Firebase Library

In componentDidMount I hacked together a process to listen for the url being set which then launches the React.WebView component

The React.WebView component useage

does its magic but we listen for the process to return us the code we need for next step in OAuth

Now that we have a code, we need to get the access_token from github and pass it back to firebase calling the authWithToken function which if successful will return the auth data.

All of the source code is available in my GitHub repo: