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I have been writing software since I was in 6th grade.

I started with a Commadore PET and was writing basic code.

I studied computer science in college and received a degree.

I got a MBA in Marketing, Information Technology and Business Strategy.

I still have a lot to learn, and I am humbled by the developers that write frameworks to make software development more accessible to those who are interested in the profession.

BUT I find it ridiculous when some people complain, criticize and simply trash Open Source Frameworks that have enable them to write software that otherwise they would have required months if not years of training to complete… oh yeah, the frameworks are FREE too!

I have recently worked with Groovy, Grails, PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium after writing some native Android and iOS application. It is abundantly clear to me that these frameworks have simplified the mobile application process and enabled hundreds if not thousands of people to now call themselves “Software Developers”. The app store is filled with applications from people who probably could’t write and or understand a line of objective-c or java if their life depended on it.

Yet when you read the respective forums and stackoverflow for both, you see people complaining of the immaturity, the lack of documentation and it goes on and on… people looking for a “cut-and-paste” solution to solve their problem instead of try to learn the underlying concepts and then complain if they don’t get an answer.

So the next time you are about to complain about lack of documentation, lack of support poor example and whatever the gripe of the week is. Try looking at the Android or iOS documentation on how to solve your problem… count the lines of code  you will need to write to accomplish the same thing… look at the hundreds of classes and methods and properties and interfaces you will need to understand to just get a list or a window visible on your mobile device and then thank the guys who wrote the framework to make your life easier… oh yeah and did I say  that the frameworks were free?