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As a software developer, now business entrepreneur I try to stay relevant in regarding to management, leadership and technology, which is extremely difficult in the internet age.

I do a lot of reading adn I have to admit I have found that purchasing electronic versions of books seems to be working for me. I know all of the pitfalls people have raised regarding ebooks, but for me I always have my iPhone or my iPad with me so I have access to books. I simply will not carry around the hardcover books and reading a chapter when sitting around is no different the checking blogs and websites I normally read.

Currently I am reading one book and using two others for reference.

Just picked up Linchpin from Amazon, good stuff and highly recommend it if you are into Seth Godin and just like to remind yourself that the extra stuff you do at work does matter and will payoff eventually.

The other two books which I read interchangeably are Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Back of  the Napkin; both books are about presenting your ideas in a manner that you customers and clients can actually get it.

As a technology oriented person more and more of my time is spent on trying to get the client to “understand” the technological solution to the problem since they are paying!! If they don’t get it then I am forced to try harder.

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The presentation books have been helpful already and I am certain Linchpin will prove to be well worth the twelve dollars spent.