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CEO Aaron Saunders will speak at a workshop panel, The Future of Business: E-commerce on Thursday, May 19 2:30-3:30pm for the USBC School of Chamber & Business Management Summit. The Summit will be held at Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC.

The USBC School of Chamber & Business Management Summit acts as a vehicle for building the skills needed to successfully manage and grow your chamber of commerce or business. This is the only event of its kind, and is one that brings together the best of chamber leadership, corporate partners and policy makers from across the country, all in one place, and at the same time. This is the only place you will access unprecedented educational and networking opportunities, including a host of dynamic speakers at plenary sessions and workshops. Information will be shared on successful approaches and strategies towards empowering your chamber or business to make national connections and maximize business opportunities.

Aaron and his fellow panelists will discuss how to effectively sell your products (and services) online, how to use the internet as your store-front, and enhancing your business’ overall digital presence – and how to do these things in a cost effective way. The panel will address questions like:

If you are a small brand with a limited budget, how would you invest it online?
How do companies organize to live in an environment in which disruption is constant? 

Many companies have been so slow to change that they’ve gone out of business: Kodak, Blockbuster, newspapers, ad agencies – are there any lessons we can learn from their failures that can prevent our own?

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We recently worked with the USBC to update the design of their current mobile application. The mobile app offers users a Black business directory in the palm of their hands. Utilizing their smartphone’s GPS technology, the app allows users to search through thousands of listings to locate the nearest Black-owned business. It is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.