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This is just my personal opinion on The Future of Titanium Desktop. I do not use the product, I use the mobile product only so  you can write me off as someone who should just shut the hell up, but here I go.

IMHO it is an opportunity for the community to step up and demonstrate what they can do/contribute to this open source project. It is not dead… it should be considered as a new beginning.

As I have stated in the past, building a framework is difficult yet there is a tremendous amount of negativity in the Appcelerator community that often times does not seem to appreciate the hard work and commitment from Appcelerator. Here is your chance to do what you think is right, to correct all of the wrongs so many have complained about responds to the needs of many different constituents and still deliver a solution for free.

The Desktop Project will need community champions and I know there are many of you out there. I hope you are cheering this move as your chance to make a difference and contribute to a platform that has so much promise.

Yes it would be nice if someone else did all the hard work for you, but sometimes if something is that important to you, you have to do it yourself.

Also look at this another way, Appcelerator is making an 100% commitment to the mobile platform so lets hope somewhere silently there are community members cheering that there is no more distractions from the Desktop APIs issues.