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Thoughts from ray ozzie and the new direction of technology as he leaves Microsoft

The part he writes that resonates with me is the following

For each of us who can clearly envision the end-game, the opportunity is to recognize both the inevitability and value inherent in the big shift ahead, and to do what it takes to lead our customers into this new world.

The key words here for me are “LEAD” and “DO WHAT IT TAKES”.

Leading is painful, hard and sometimes emotional… People get feelings hurt because the personalize the objectives of their jobs instead of focusing on the value they should be delivering to the client.

I have been in a position of leadership for the past fifteen years of my career and throughout it all it has required me to make hard decisions BUT in the end I believe it is always about achieveing the best solution for the client. It is about making that hard decision that no one else wants to make because of the “fallout” or “politics” associated with the change.

The phrase I like to use in when discussion change from the technical vantage point is “aircover” but I believe the MBA term is “Executive Sponsor”… meaning someone to cover you ass when people get pissed off, because people will get pissed off because change moves people out of their comfort zone.

Lets face it, if things were good they would not be changing…. I think I rambled on to a new point but they are somewhat related.

I actually met Ray Ozzie years ago when I worked for Lotus before they were bought by IBM. Lotus Notes was developed by Ray Ozzie and since I was working on a Lotus Notes API I did have the change to meet him.