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This an update to my original post.

This post shows how you could use the navigation group  in the master view to drill down before showing specific details in the detail view.

What I have done is add a Section List containing the title “Days of the Week” & “Months of the Year”. After selecting one of the list items, you will see a navigation group drill down in the master view or the popup view, if you device orientation is portrait.


This is a pretty simple change but it shows how you can extend functionality if a simple iPad Split Window View quite easily

This is app.js

First Table displayed in the master view, master_list.js

We now have to files for the window containing the months of the year and the days of the week

master months is new, was not in initial posting either…

detail.js did not change, but i have included it for completeness

here is a link to all of the source in github

Need Help With A Mobile Development Project?