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I was asked about the iPad Book I was writing. I got through about 5 chapters but that is about it. I blogged about the book coming so I guess I should explain what happened.

The book deal was with Packt Publishing and it is not coming.

There were two issues:

1) Difference of opinion : They wanted me to write a 350 page book. I am a developer and I know I would not read a 350 page book so I was uncomfortable with being associated with a 350 page book. I felt I was writing filler just to get my page count up… was not a good feeling.

2) Evolution of the platform: When I started writing the book, there was no TiStudio, we were writing apps with Ti.Includes and there was limited information on best practices. I had already re-written the first couple of chapters twice and then best practices around application structure and commonJS were starting to form. Continuing to write the book with a quickly evolving platform and the beginnings of a new set best practices would have resulted in a book that was not in step with the appropriate way to write a mobile application using the Appcelerator Framework… I did not want write that book I thought it would be a disservice to the community just to make a buck.

What I am doing now:

  • Working on an ebook of selections of the posting from my blog that will be a set of recipes that can be reused in iphone/android application. I will include complete projects for all examples so they can be download and run.
  • Working on project templates that will be sold in the Appcelerator Market Place that will be fully functional applications with documented source code that can be used as examples or reference for your own solution
  • I also have ideas on ebooks or blog series that are more focused around specific solutions with Appcelerator. My personal opinion is that this space evolves too quickly and the traditional method/process of publishing a book dont really work too well anymore.

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