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I read this article in Government Executive Magazine today and I agree 100% with the contents.

I have been doing government contracting for about four years now and I have honestly lowered my expectations when it come to the type of people I will will work with.

No offense to people I have worked with because so far so good, but the government’s ability to hire smart, qualified, motivated technical people AND retain them is in jeopardy unless something drastically changes. On the projects I have worked on it has been a challenge to find a consistent level of “passion” for the work people are doing.

I believe there are people out there who agree with me and are hard working and motivated, but I am certain they all also have horror stories about some of the things they have seen that just would not fly in the “real world”.

I spent the majority of my career in the “real world” working for start-ups that had considerably less funding and got considerably more accomplished. Some of that same type of focus and commitment needs to manifest itself in the government projects.

This is not just about me liking my job, it is about my country… trust me other countries are ratcheting up the technical skills of their children as we fall further and further behind in math and science… this stuff all matters in the end.