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Ionic Framework E2E (End To End) Testing React Application Using Appium and WebdriverIO

Just a quick walkthrough video explaining the starter project for an Ionic Framework & Capacitor App written in reactjs demonstrating end to end testing.

Looking to integrate e2e testing an ionic-framework application and the sample provided by Ionic is written in Angular and it is based on Cordova and not capacitor so I have started this project to figure things out

What's Here

- The Sample is based on the list template provided by ionic

- The Source code is in react js

- Tests currently work in the android emulator, ios emulator, and in the web browser

- This is still a work in progress but it is based on the latest versions of Ionic and Capacitor so it should get on started better than the other sample

- The project hasn't been cleaned up, there are still some artifacts from the original Ionic Project

IOS Quirk

For the application path for the IOS application, you will need to manually set that based on the specific device/emulator that you are deploying to. unlike Android, it appears that the IOS build is deployed directly to the device.

If you look at line 32 in the wdio.ios.config.ts you will see the property that you will need to change. To get the specific path, I have run the build command with the --verbose flag to output the appropriate information

ionic capacitor run ios --target 1DB27F13-4EF3-4D45-A67B-88C69B53EF84 --verbose 


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monica damera
monica damera
2022년 8월 19일

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