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Week 3 Recap of Luma Lab Tech Camp!

Throughout the summer, our Luma Lab Summer Camp Facilitator, Tanya Allen, reflects on the progress of our Luma Lab Tech Camp students, the work our program focuses on and noteworthy highlights from the week before.

Clubhouse 6 – Petworth

The students are still moving along with the curriculum. Ideas are flowing, blog posts are being updated. Exciting times!!! One of our promising groups, group AID-K, was secretly in talks of merging with another app developer to merge their apps to provide specialized footwear to the homeless as well but talks were put on hold until the students actually develop their individual apps.

Anthony and Kadi have come up with a great idea to help the homeless as well. They have found that there will be competition but they are researching their competitors and will prepare to launch an app that will be better.

Clubhouse 14 – Benning Road

Whose Your Landlord COO Felix Addison, made quite the impression with Benning Road students and they were prepared with thought provoking questions for Mr. Addison such as, “Does your company offer scholarships for college?” and “What was your inspiration to create this app?”

Justice and Anyssa have joined us new but they have been fast and enthusiastic about catching up with their peers and are moving right along. They came up with an app that will help their mothers when they go shopping. As they said, it’s not that their mothers are forgetful, it’s just that sometimes they forget.

Justice found it inspirational when she learned that the person that discovered and designed a test for pancreatic cancer did so all before he reached 16 years of age.

The students will begin learning HTML code and fundamentals of web development in order to understand how they can develop a web presence for their app.

To find out more information on what’s happening with our Luma Lab camps, follow the hashtags #LumaLabSummer, #LumaLabTechEd and follow us on Twitter at @Luma_Lab

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