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Luma Lab: Not Good Bye, but See you later...

They say all good things must come to an end and as the academic year approaches its end so does our time with some of our students. We have seen growth in our students at the Washington School for Girls as complete their final projects. They’ve identified their audiences and created the design on their apps that alleviate problems from fashion disasters to language differences. We’re happy to report that our Kramer Middle School students have found their niche in creating apps that take the dangers out of navigating their neighborhoods and even our students at KIPP Will Academy are gearing up to finalize their web designs.

This semester has been one of innovative ideas, laughs, and most importantly education. It has been proven that tapping into the imagination of our students just takes a little time, effort, and support. We’re all excited to see our students’ ideas, complete with all of the bells and whistles utilizing the design techniques they were taught in class. As they start to wrap up and prepare for their culminating final pitch event, we’re working to assist the students with their presentation. While all good things must indeed come to an end, we’ve communicated to the students that this intro to technology class is only the beginning.

Our students will head into their summer vacations with the tools and support necessary to keep their gears turning and their minds on coding and programming. We offer additional summer technology camps as a way for our students to bridge the gap until classes begin again in the Fall.

As we prepare for our summer partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club, the AnBryce Foundation, the College Success Foundation and Howard University Middle for Math and Science, it’s hard to say goodbye to our current programs but there’s much more ilLUMAnating to do! This is just goodbye for now, as we’ll be back in the Fall! We would also be remiss if we didn’t take this time to acknowledge that one of our instructors, Sarah Jones, a Master’s degree candidate from Howard University will be graduating this weekend. Congratulations Sarah! We wish you all the best and we know that you helped us #ilLUMAnateDC with all of our students. We can’t wait to see what our students have in store for us! #HappyCoding!

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